Yosmar's Choices: In the Baker's Kitchen

Quite often, I meet people who cook a lot but never have experimented with baking and have no idea how to get started or what tools they need.  Baking and cooking are very different from each other.  With cooking, you have more flexibility with recipes…  You can switch out ingredients if for instance you don’t like a particular spice or herb and it won’t impact your dish dramatically.  You can at times even omit a secondary ingredient and most people won’t notice, unless you decide to tell them!

Now when it comes to baking, everything changes…

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Yosmar's Choices: Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen gadgets… There are so many! 

How do I chose? 

Which ones are necessary and which ones are not? 

Aren’t they all created equal? 

These are common questions people have when stocking a kitchen or buying gadgets.  In this post, I share with some general thoughts about gadget shopping as well as some of my top choices of  kitchen gadgets.

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